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A modalidade permite pagamento facilitado e taxas de juros menores. Basicamente, o financiamento imobiliário permite ao cliente pagar o imóvel em diversas parcelas, que podem se estender por anos.


Company Information

Why do you consider your company the best?

Our company uses a 600 ton press to stamp out our 2’ x 4’ sheets. We are one of the few companies that sell 2’ x 4’ sheets. We have found that the 2’ x 4’ sheets are easy and faster to install because they cover more area (8 sq. ft.), have less seams and because of the 4 ft. length makes for a more uniform installation. We are very conscientious of our customers. We have consultants to help you through any process and very much suggest you use our expertise. Glenn “The Tinman” Eldridge is the only person in the industry that for many years was an installer himself. We use tin-plated steel, have original designs that date back as far as the 1800s, have very competitive prices and we pride ourselves on service, which is second to none. Glenn has been in the business 50 years come 2019. Our consultants first advice is “Get samples!" You can’t buy from price alone. We are very competitive, but our sheets are 2’ x 4’ and some people don’t realize that, so we seem twice as high. We’re not. Service is our specialty and we answer the phone, but if not, a quick call back is in your future.

Can you do custom work?

We can reproduce most designs. We charge $3,000 per die with a $300.00 (10%) non refundable fee placed with the order. BUT we can’t make dies from drawing. We need a good physical piece, no bigger than 2’ x 4’. Usually we can have something in your hands in approximately 3 weeks for approval. Then we charge per piece above the cost of the die. Cost depends on size of the sheet, but usually a 2’ x 4’ would cost S18.00 per sheet.